Hello for September

Hello for September,

Fall is upon us! Our first frost has come and gone, our bright green leaves have been replaced by brilliant orange, red, and yellow, and we are wondering how many more days of fresh grass there will be before we transition our animals over to hay. Our sheep, outdone in grazing by the cows alone, will likely be rotated to their winterquarters in a few weeks to both give the grass a break and to prepare for the breeding of our ewes.

At the moment, our sheep number ten and are grazed in two groups: the rams and the ewes. The rams will be used for breeding this fall but are primarily raised for meat. Our flock consists of Shetlands, a heritage breed known for their beautiful and varied natural colored fleeces, and Romneys, a larger dual-purpose breed raised for both fiber and meat. This fall we plan to breed out two mature Romney ewes, Nettle and Myrtle, and next fall Grace and Gretel will be added to the Romney breeding list. Helga and Purl, our two Shetland ewes, will be bred this fall to a Shetland ram(we can’t seem to resist those adorable little lambs!). Hopefully all will go smoothly as our two groups of sheep grow to three and then four groups to accommodate separate breeding quarters for all and finally back to one group by the holidays for overwintering and spring lambing.

Enjoy your September share as well as this wonderful fall weather!


Hayley and Gabe

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