Making Sausage



Happy December All,

Up here in Corinth there have been moments of winter punctuated by the weather of March. Most of our fall work is finished – although Gabe is not so secretly hoping for a January freeze to get some more fence posts in. As the cold settles we have been inside working on our business plan and strategizing. One of the things are on mind is how we make our sausage – compared to the legislative process the details of our sausage making is uplifting.

Currently we are getting our sausage links made at the Mad River Food Hub by their chef/butcher Jacob. We really like Jacob, his boss Robin, and the facility. The Food Hub was created to serve the needs of small and growing farmers like ourselves. It is set up to help incubate businesses – give them a place to make their products until they are large enough to own or rent their own facility (if they are ever that big). Robin – who manages the place, owns the building and stewarded the creation  set it  up as an L3C (vs LLC or 501c3 for the tax buffs) which an innovative model that combines some elements of the non-profit world and the for profit world. Being an L3C and having a community minded mission are a couple of reasons that we are happy to work with them.


Honestly though it’s the incubator model that most excites us. In the long run having control over our product, being able to test our own recipes and saving money by doing the work ourselves are additional reasons to work with the food hub. For the last couple of batches of sausage Jacob has been doing all the work. We are planning in January to do it ourselves. This means that we can set aside a bit to try out new varieties of sausage – maybe a maple flavored breakfast with our own maple syrup? Our nephew River would like an apple flavored variety.

What kind of sausage would you like us to make? Let us know.

Enjoy the cold,

Hayley and Gabe

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