Thankful – November Newsletter


027 (800x600)We’ve been in Corinth now for over 5 years and despite our, or my, tendency towards hermitage, we’ve made a number of close friends in the neighborhood. And, as luck would have it, a good deal of these friends are similarly minded: farmers, carpenters, stone masons, wood workers, and gardeners. We find ourselves, at least once a week leaning on these friends for favors. Whether it is borrowing a piece of equipment, seeking help for an animal in need or simply general farm advice, more and more often we rely on our network of friends. Last Sunday however, was the pinnacle of our asking and our friends’ generosity has left us feeling a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation.

As some of you may be aware, Gabe and I bit off a tad more than we could chew this summer with our building projects around the farm. Between a house addition that will ultimately leave us with close to double the square footage (still only about 1500 at its completion) and a new barn to home ailing or birthing animals, Jeannette, and any unwrapped hay, we quickly found ourselves in a pickle. Which to push for: human comfort or animal? Of course, the later won out.

Our barn foundation was poured and frame put up earlier this summer, but the roof and siding were mere goals for the future…until I found myself milking Jeannette in the field in 3 inches of snow. Hmmm. Time to call for help. This is the moment at which our friends, and family from a bit farther astray, stepped in. On Sunday at least 20 amazing individuals of all ages and ability levels descended on Winter Moon Farm. The result: the barn roof is fully strapped, one side of which is also covered by metal roofing, while the sides of the barn are more than half covered with rough-sawn barn board courtesy of Gabe’s uncle. It actually looks like our barn is going to be finished before snow flies, or sticks at least, and there is NO way we could have accomplished this without the huge effort our support network put in this weekend. What an amazing gift!

All that said, this holiday season, Gabe, Eben, August and I are, without a doubt, thankful for the amazing friends we have. We are so lucky to find ourselves surrounded by such a talented and generous bunch and cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our family and farm!



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