The Animals

Winter Moon Farm is a small, pasture-based family farm in Corinth, Vermont. Our animals are humanely raised on pasture using rotational grazing with forage as the priority feed source.

Pigs: Our pigs are heritage Tamworths and Berkshires from registered stock with the occasional “heinz 57” porker added to the herd. We started a breeding program this spring with the purchase of two registered Tamworth gilts. We hope next year that all of our feeder pigs will come from our own stock.

Beef Cows: Our beef herd started with two Scottish Highland-American Milking Devon crosses from Fitch Family Farm – Gabe’s maternal uncle’s farm in Cornish, NH. This year the Highland/Devon crosses will be joined by Angus/Simmental crosses from another farm in Cornish, NH.

Chickens: For our pastured poultry we buy day old chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery in Pennsylvania. The red Freedom Ranger breed is adapted from French genetics to provide a bird that thrives in outdoor, free-range environments. Our chicks are moved outdoors at approximately two weeks of age, at which point they are provided with daily fresh pasture.

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