Cows of July


While July has been very hot and dry, perhaps more like August than anything, we have been making the most of things and enjoying the wide variety of animals we have around our farm this year. We all laugh, even in 90-degree heat, as the pigs laze belly-up in the shade or dance under the spray of a cool hose.

As much as we would love to tell you about each beast on the farm, we realize this might be a bit long-winded and have thus decided to focus on one animal per month. This month, to go along with the majority of your share, we will update you on our beef cows.

Currently, the cows are grazing about 3 miles up the road from our farm. They are hard at work – not just eating but restoring a pasture that is quickly being overtaken by various species of pasture pines. If there is one thing our Highland cattle are great at it is killing softwood trees. With large horns and a desire to rub like crazy, the cows quickly girdle and kill the trees. In our current circumstance, this is exactly what we want and what the pasture needs – quick removal of the trees that are rapidly taking over. It may take a few seasons, but in time the fields will be opened up again and in the meantime the cows are happily munching and fertilizing the grass while enjoying another picturesque Corinth farm.

That’s it for now: July is the new August, cows are up the street, and we are hard at work as always. Another update with next month’s share, which will also include our first pork of the season!

Happy July,

The Zoerheides

Flying Chickens

Chickens can fly, at least some chickens. It has always interested me that most chickens grown for meat have neither the urge nor capability to take to the wing. We decided this year to grown Freedom Rangers a chicken that acts more like a bird. They play, they interact, they are scared of predators flying overhead, and they fly. I know down the road as they get skilled at flying out of the poultry netting it’s going to be frustrating but right now I love to see them practice their aerial skills.