Cuts and Sides of Meat

Retail Cuts: We have whole chicken, pork, lamb and beef cuts available for retail sale. See order form below.

Sides of Meat: This year we are offering pastured pork and a limited amount of grassfed lamb by the side. Pastured pork is $5.10/lb for a side and $4.75/lb for a whole sold by the hanging weight with a $50 smoking fee per side. Our pigs range from 100 to 125 pounds a side. Once the side is butchered to your specifications you can expect to receive about 65-75% of the hanging weight in meat. This percentage is dependent on things like bone-in vs boneless and how many of the more interesting cuts you will keep (leaf lard, hocks, bones, jowls, trotters, etc.)

This year we are offering nitrate free bacon and sausage links as processing options.

For a full order form follow the link below. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Follow link for order form:

WMF Order Form 2014

Full Beef Order Form Click Here:

Beef Price List 2014_08

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