Our Farming Practices

We farm to nourish our children, our community, and ourselves. We are, by design, making farming decisions with a holistic perspective. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones and we provide a natural free range environment. Our animals are rotated on pasture through the summer and fed hay in the winter.

Our beef is 100% grassfed and we are working towards making our pastured lamb 100% grassfed. The lambs now receive a small amount of grain to supplement their grazing.

Our pastured poultry is rotated every day or so and “taught” to eat grass from a young age. We supplement the pasture with locally milled grain.

Our pastured pork is rotated throughout the year, fed a small amount of grain, and a larger daily ration of fresh whey from Blythedale Farm. Throughout the year the pigs receive vegetable scraps, cheese, and pasture grains.

We believe in the synergy of raising a variety of animals in rotation. By mimicking a natural, diverse ecosystem we reduce pest and parasite pressure thus allowing us to raise healthier animals.

2 thoughts on “Our Farming Practices

  1. We enjoyed your turkey for our Thanksgiving. Was it a Broad Breasted White or older breed? Did you do the nice processing job? Price was right. I’d of raised them in SD if I could have gotten a decent return. Grassfed Beef did work for me and I worked up to 60 head over 12 years before I retired. My prices were higher then yours as I didn’t have near the competition. It was still a struggle, with cheaper, richer, more productive land, and I admire you for sticking with it here. Cliffs Grass Grown Beef Gary, SD

    • Hi Cliff,
      THanks so much for the appreciation. They are the Broad Breasted White. Before we raised turkeys we were given advice about going with the white birds instead of the heritage breeds. They white ones are very nice to raise. They didn’t have the same health issues as some of the white chickens do. The biggest issue is getting the timing right so they are not too big for Thanksgiving.

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